311 Illegal Indian immigrants Sent Back Because of Trump’s Policies

US President Donald Trump continues his series of shocks. Thousands of Indians are already struggling with his tough and controversial decisions. The latest one is facing the same situation. The country has deported 311 illegal immigrants living in Mexico due to pressure from the United States. Mexican immigration officials have sent Indians to this extent in order to deter those who cross their borders.

US President Donald Trump has already issued warnings that tariffs on all goods imported from Mexico will be imposed unless a check is issued to those entering the United States across the Mexican border. Under pressure from the US, the government of Mexico has begun inspecting illegal immigrants nationwide. They have also identified Indians who were not legally eligible to remain in the country. The Mexican government sent back 311 Indians. They were flown from Toluca International Airport to New Delhi on a Boeing 747 aircraft.

Meanwhile, there is a rumor that many people are struggling to fulfill their hopes of living in America following illegal ways. Trump does not change his foreign policy, saying that employment opportunities for Indigenous people are the most talented of NRIs. Indians are trying to illegally travel to the US through international agents. People are paying 25 to 30 lakhs each for this purpose. The government of Mexico is focusing on those who enter the United States illegally, believing in others’ instructions and many are caught. While they were Indians, the country had recently sent them back.


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