Cheating Case On Ex-Cricketer

A cheating case is filed on Thursday on ex-cricketer Manoj Prabhakar and his family. As per the police records, Sandhya Sharma Pandit, who is living in london has filed a complaint.

As per the complaint, She told that she has a apartment in Sarvapriya Vihar and Manoj Prabhakar and his family occupied it by creating fake documents.

She lived in that flat along with her husband till 2006. Then, she moved to London. Her relatives are used to stay in that apartment till 2018. They vacated the flat and new people started living there was told by neighbors she said. She came back to Indian to check. They refused to let her in and she said she started getting warnings from Manoj Prabhakar. He created fake documents with the help of Manoj Goyal and occupied her flat, she mentioned in her complaint.

But Manoj had denied these allegations. He said, he has been living in that apartment since 23 years and never seen her around. She is trying to damage his image with her allegations. Police has filed a case and started inquiry on it.


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