Deepika Padukone’s Philosophy On Marriage

Live-in relationships are quite common in metro cities. This exists in small towns as well but it is unpopular there. When it comes to B-town, live-in relationships are common among bollywood celebrities. But Deepika Padukone has a different view on this.

Deepika married Ranveer singh on 14th november last year. Which means they are going to celebrate their anniversary in a month. Recently, Deepika in one of her interviews spoke about live-in relationships. She said that she didn’t believe in live-in before marriage. She told that she lived with Ranveer this year just like in a live-in relationship. We understand each other better. We have shared lot of things. She believes that her marriage was the best decision she ever took. Lot of people doesn’t believe in marriage these days. But she believes it. she is enjoying each and every feeling in it.

Actually, Both Ranveer and Deepika thought of staying together in a live-in relationship. But as the elders say, everything should be done at right time, as her parents married at right age, she followed the same tradition.

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