What Was The First Domain Name Ever Registered?

Have you ever thought of what was the first domain name registered? We got that thought and done our research. In this article we are presenting you the information about the first domain name registered on the internet.

Before we are going to know about the first-ever domain name, let’s look at what is domain name and how it works.

Domain Name System(DNS)

The DNS is the universal naming system required to assign addresses to web servers and pages. A domain name is how you find the content you are looking for online. Without domain names, the internet would be useless.

First Domain Name Registered

Nordu.net was the first domain name, created in January 1985, which was used to serve as the identifier of the first root server, nic.nordu.net. But, Symbolics.com was the first domain name to be registered through the DNS (Domain Name System) process. It was registered on March 15, 1985, almost 36 years ago making it the first .com-domain in the world. It was created by Massachusetts computer company Symbolics Inc.

 Symbolics Inc.

The company was well-known for the development of a computer language called Lisp. This is the second oldest computer programming language that’s still used today. Back in 1985, Symbolics was an incredibly popular brand. The syntax of Lisp was also highly praised by industry legends at the time.

The company also wrote a fully object-oriented operating system and development environment called “Genera” to run on workstations. Unfortunately, the symbolic brand wasn’t destined to remain successful forever. The computer boom had a complicated impact on Symbolics.com.

Symbolics Bankruptcy

In 1993, they were forced to file for bankruptcy. Although the company continued to exist, they needed to change their entire operating strategy.

At that time, Symbolics was going through a period of the financial crisis, but its domain was still attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. People simply wanted to see what the world’s first domain name looked like.

Current Status

Currently, if you visit this site, you can find both the tale of the original domain name and the “Big Internet Museum.” This is designed to educate and inform people about the growth of the World Wide Web.



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