Google Assistant Hot Word Bug Could Drain Your Phone Battery

As we all know that no software is perfect, Android Police writers has discovered a bug when there are multiple google assistant devices at the same place.

It was happened when a user was talking to his Google Home one day and he noticed that his Pixel 3 is listening to his conversations and continues even after Google Home took care of his requests.

ok google
ok google

This is not the only incident. There’s another incident when a user is speaking to his Google Home, his Pixel Slate started listening to the conversation and got stuck in active position.

In some incidents, Even the Google Home has completed query, the other device stays active and drains all the battery of a device.

Fortunately, most of the people were able to catch problem and manually put their hardware to sleep without incident. So if you don’t catch this problem, you may face issues like battery drain  or worse. Though some times, this issue is intermittent in some devices.

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