Kim Jong Un: North Korean Dictator Rides Horse Up To Sacred Mountain

Some leaders are different. Sometimes it can be a bit too early to do something with their style. The latest such situation is in the case of Kim. As such, the dictator of North Korea. He is a habit of being a form of curriculum. If he wants to make any crucial decision .. He will go on an adventure before making a bold decision.


He is making such an expedition. The latest is Kim’s horse ride. its not that easy to ride a horse there. He is riding his horse on the most dangerous mountain in North Korea. It was also revealed that he was riding alone.


Many are shocked by this news. Because .. Expeditions are the time for sensational advertising. It was exciting to see any announcement from Kim. Kim also has another affiliation with Peektuck Mountain. This is said to be spiritually important to his descendants. It is up to everyone to see what he is advertising.

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