Myths People Follow During Weight Loss

Everybody wants to look slim and fit. To get into shape, it needs lot of efforts. You need proper training and diet. During this phase people follow lot of things which are actually myths. Here we are going to break some of those myths.

Shouldn’t Eat Banana

We think that the natural sugar and water increase your weight. But its not true. This fruits gives you instant energy. You can eat this 1 hr before your workout session.

A average sized banana gives you 105 calories of energy with half gram of fat, 27grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 14.5 grams of natural sugar along with other essential nutrients.


Shouldn’t Take Milk

Milk intake will keep your weight in control. The milk itself is a whole meal. The right time to have milk is at night. If you don’t want to have lot of milk, you can reduce its quantity and replace it with curd.


Shouldn’t Eat Carbs(Rice/Wheat)

Anything in controlled quantity is healthy. Or you can eat brown rice. Rice has its own essential nutrients along with carbohydrates.


Shouldn’t Eat Potatoes

You can take potatoes in limit as per your weight. Try to eat them mostly by boiling.


These are some of the myths which people follows but remember, anything control will always be healthy.



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