Nokia Launched new feature phone Nokia 110

Nokia has recently launched a new feature phone Nokia 110 at the price Rs. 1599. Lets see what it offers.

Nokia was one of the most reputed brands in past in Indian market. Now it is trying hard to get back its position. When all the other companies are focusing on smart phones, Nokia is releasing its new phones in feature phone category where it was once a king. So as a part of this, They launched a new feature phone Nokia 110.

This phone launched as a next version its Nokia 105. They are promoting this phone as entertainment focused since beginning. It offers you 32 GB of storage so that you can store songs and listen along with FM radio. The most played snake game is also coming as a part of this phone.

The specifications of this phone includes, 1.77 QQVGA  display with a resolution of 120×160 pixels. It has a SPRD 6531E processor with 4MB RAM and 4MB storage. You can have a micro SD card of limit 32GB in this phone for storage. It has a micro USB 2.0 port.

This phone has 800Mah battery which has a stand by capacity of 18.5 days as per company’s claim. You can listen songs for 27 hours continuously after a full charge.

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