[Sad Story] – How My Ego Destroyed My Love

In this story, a girl confess herself about how her ego destroyed her love.


“I have never believed in love. I used to think it was a waste of time. I was good at studies and a bookaholic. I had topped in all my studies. Because of that, multiple companies had offered me a job with good pay scale. I had selected one and happily joined in the company.


I had to relocate to Pune as per the job requirement. I had never been to Pune before. I was little careful and had joined the office. 


I met with a guy in office. He introduced himself first and said he is from my hometown. I think he had my bio-data already. Whatever, I felt very happy and relieved that I found someone to talk to. He helped me completing my formalities in office on the first day. He introduced me to his fellow colleagues. After sometime I became part of his gang. We used to go for breaks together, chatter in the cafeteria, weekend parties, everything was fun. 


He always had a special feeling for me. He used to wear shirts of my favorite color, eat what I like even though he doesn’t like it. I always had the last message from him in my mobile before I go to sleep. He always appreciated me for whatever I do and always says good about me to his colleagues. 


If I fell sick, he was the one who took all tension and take care of me. I was able to understand the signals that he loves me and care for me. I too started loving him and I didn’t showed up.


But I wanted him to propose to me first. But later I realized how big this mistake was.


On that day, we had been discussing random stuff by sitting in the cafeteria as usual. Suddenly he told that his marriage got fixed in the middle of that discussion. I thought he might be kidding. But when he started giving details, I wasn’t able to stop my tears. I didn’t understand why he didn’t say a word about it before. 


After everybody left, I have stopped him and cried a lot. He said, “Yes, I loved you but I didn’t get any response or at least any signal from you.” I had accepted my mistake and pleaded with him to cancel the marriage. But he told that it is out of his control now and left me broken.


I regretted that I missed a gentleman in my life because of my ego. I was unable to sleep, lost appetite but he was a changed now. He was not worried about me anymore. He used to talk with me whenever he gets time. He used to take care of me even for small cold issues. 


Now the priorities had changed. He started taking care of his fiancee. He is always on the phone with her. I am not able to take it. It feels like hell to go to office. I can’t leave this job because of financial issues. I should have gone one step down and expressed myself to him, I wouldn’t have been in this situation.”


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