[Sad Story] – She Sacrifice Herself For My Family Happiness

This is a story written by a guy about his love and sacrifice for his family.


“I was in the 9th grade. A new tamil girl had joined our class. I felt she was not that beautiful because I don’t know what love is. I and my gang had a fight with her brother and his gang. Because of that she used to fight with me in class regularly. I used to be good in studies. Because of that I became the monitor of class. That’s how our friendship had started.


When I was in 10th class, when the other girls try to be close with me, she used to scold me. She used to come to school early for me. That’s how our school life has ended. 


There was no much use of phones at that time. Because of that I don’t have any contact with her. I had completed my intermediate in my hometown and she completed hers in some other city. 


Then, I have joined in B.tech in good college. On the first day of college, I have seen a girl sitting on the first bench. She looked like my schoolmate from behind. I went to wish her but she was not. 


Our 10th class batch had a get together after 7 years. But she didn’t come. I found her number from some other girl. I called her. She picked up the call and she was busy and disconnected the girl. 


Next day, she called me and said sorry and started talking like we used to talk before. After 4 months, she asked me a question, “What kind of relationship you want with me in the next birth ?”. I replied, “Friend”. When I asked her the same question, She replied, “Husband”.


I don’t know if it was love or curiosity on her, I immediately replied her, “Do we need to wait till next birth?”. For that, she replied, “I Love You”. I replied, “I Love You Too”. That’s how our relationship started.


We used to have all kinds of fights which lead to our breakup. But when we face each other, we forget everything and move forward. That’s how we spent 11 years in love. 


She changed herself a lot for me. She used to take care of me like a mother. She smells my anger way before. She doesn’t do anything which I don’t like irrespective of even she likes it. Everytime she used to talk with me only and was completely into me. The first and the last words are in a day with me only. We had settled in a good position.


I’m in business. She is in a job. Everything was going well but my parents started looking matches for me. I told my mom everything. My mom didn’t accept it because she belongs to other caste and location. I tried to convince my parents a lot of times but in vain. I used to have a fight with my family but still didn’t accept it. 


I used to share everything with her. Personal problems, business problems. Everytime she stood beside me and supported me. We both are getting older. My family was forcing me to get married. They were not listening to me. One day I asked her to meet me. I told her everything and cried. 


I have cried for the first time in 22 years. I don’t know what she thought. She sacrificed herself for me and my family. She blocked my number. She was not responding to my messages. I found out from one of our common friends that she was crying and didn’t come out of her room for 23 days. She had spent the next 3 months with our memories. I received the news that she was no more. I lost her for my family happiness. I lost in life. Everyday, I’m thinking about her. Her memories are haunting me. She is the first and last love till my last breath.”


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