[Sad Story] – Wherever She is, I wish her a healthy and happy life

This is a story of middle class guy, who loved her so much but didn’t able to make it because of few reasons. To know the reasons, Please continue reading the story.

“Ours is a middle class family. My father died when I was a child. My brother helped me financially in my education.


It was a time when I was in 3rd year of my graduation. Classes had started a month ago. College seemed colorful that day. It had become more colorful when the freshers joined.

After some time, the class has started. Suddenly there was a sweet voice saying “Sir,” , a junior student who is asking our lecturer to clear her doubt. Our chemistry lecturer had cleared her doubt.


She was really beautiful. After she left the classroom, Our lecturer said, “No one in this class get such kind of doubts. Great Seniors!” sarcastically. I was a jovial guy in class. Then I responded saying, “Sir, my friend has doubts in his 10 subjects. Would you like to clear his doubts ?”. Everybody in the classes started laughing. Then my lecturer asked me to get out of the class respectfully. As I was already out of the class, I just wanted to roam around the campus.


I wanted to see that girl once. I have searched all the classrooms from the first year. Because she is gorgeous and I really liked her. I found her in one of the classes. I used to follow her from home to college everyday. It was very thrilling.


After 6 months, I proposed to her. She rejected!


I was unable to stop thinking about her. After a month, I wrote a letter and told that I would never disturb her. I apologized for following her on the way to college. 


After 2 days, She herself called me and told that she likes me but she put one condition. She will marry me only after her parents accept our relationship.


I said, Ok.


I was on cloud 9. We roamed together to each and every place in the city. I completed my graduation. We used to make regular calls. Suddenly there was a financial crunch in my family. I had to find a job and marry her. But she is still in college. I hadn’t settled yet. But she was able to understand my situation. She didn’t get angry.


But after sometime, her marriage got fixed. We are from different castes. I was financially week. I didn’t tell about us in our home yet as I was not settled. 


I moved to Hyderabad and stayed there for 3 months to get out of that depression. I have been married for 3 years now. I have a cute little kid. 


But my love is still alive in my mind as a good memory. Wherever she is, I always wish her a healthy and happy life. I respect her decision to obey her parents, get married to a guy they have searched for her.”

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