Skincare Tips In Winters

Winters are about to start. You are going to face skin drying issues. Lets see how can we keep our skin moisturized.

  • You would like to take bath with hot water in winters. But it would suggested that to use warm water. After bath, use moisturizer for your skin.
  • Use glycerin, petroleum jelly products to keep your limbs moisturized. Try to clean dead cells once a week.
  • Use sunscreen lotion even there’s no light. It protects you in various ways. Use sun glasses when you go outside.
  • To avoid skin dryness, use olive oil and rub it on your limbs. take bath after 15 minutes. It makes your skin smooth.
  • Keep you hydrated even though you are not thirsty. Try to take juices, soops as they keep you hydrated.

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