Tea Benefits For Health

Are you a Tea person? Then this article is for you. Most of the people starts their day with tea. If your tea intake excess then obviously its not good for health.  This article will show you types of tea you can take which makes your health better.

Black Tea

It doesn’t have milk and sugar. You can see its usage mostly in western countries. It is thick and contains caffeine. Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, ceylon tea, canyon tea are some of the types in this category. It has lot of antioxidants which strengthens your heart, reduce cholesterol and fix your digestion issues. It keeps your blood pressure in control. You can have this tea in morning and evenings but avoid it at night.


Peppermint Tea

To prepare this tea, take some water and boil it along with few mint leaves and pepper powder. You can honey for taste. This tea fixes your digestion issues.


Rose Tea

Take fresh rose petals and boil it with water. After filtering it, add some honey to it. This tea will improves your health.


Noon Tea

Here we use salt instead of sugar. We can also call it as Kashmiri Tea. You can see its usage mostly in northern India. This tea looks in light pink color.


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