Tollywood Actor Manchu Manoj Got Divorced From His Wife

After denials few days ago, Finally the tollywood actor Manchu Manoj has revealed that he got divorced from this wife Pranathi Reddy. He posted a message on twitter this afternoon saying to his fans,



At 5pm, he posted this long message for this fans


This is what he said in this message.

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share some developments in my personal life and also on my career. With a very heavy heart, I would like to inform that my divorce has come through and we have officially ended what was a beautiful and well cherished relationship. We had our differences and went through a lot of pain and after much introspection we decided to have our separate lives going forward. We always were and are two individuals who have all the respect and care towards each other. Expecting all of you to be supportive of our decision and respect our privacy and thank you for that.

Since my heart was not at the right place, I couldn’t act or concentrate on work for all this while. I went through a lot and I wouldn’t have survived this storm without the help of my family, friends and especially my fans who stood by me in my absence. I owe each and everyone who supported me in my low times. Now I’m going to be back, to be doing the only thing I know and Love-Act in films, and in the process, be in a position to please my fans. Movies rock my world and I wish to rock and roll till my last. God Bless everyone and thank you for being there. – Mee MM


We wish him all the best for his future, hope he come back in movies with a bang!

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